Creative Work




 This River Goes Two Ways. A book of poetry, 2015.

 Athanor and Other Pohems of Gellu Naum, co-translated with MARGENTO. A book of poetry in translation, 2013.

 Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology Of Romanian Poetry. A book of poetry in translation, 2011.

 Stationary Landscapes, A chapbook of poetry, 2009.

Thomas Edison: The Man Who Lighted the World. A biography for young readers, 2008.


Publications (Selected)


“A Brief Summary of Tyrannies,” Caldera Culture Review, 2013.

“Our Bird,” Naugatuck River Review, 2013.

“In this City,” and “Preambulatory,”Madhat Review, 2013.

“Wormwood,” and “In Southern California,” Poesis International, 2011.

“Commuter,” in Scapegoat Review. 2009.

“Waiting for the train, if I could say,” Cimarron Review. 2008.

“No Sleep in Bucharest” and “Lewis, alone, hotel room. Music,” Connecticut River Review. 2007.

“Occasions, doors” and “Head for the Hills,” Hazmat Review. 2008.

“Drum” and “Spider Light,” California Poets in the Schools Anthology. 2003 and 2004.

“Midwestern,” Poetry Motel. 2005.

“Slow,” Fairfield Review. 2004.

“Driver,” Limestone 2003.


“Building Character,” Thought. 2005.


“from ‘the animal tree,” poem by Gellu Naum, translated with Chris Tanasescu, Kenyon Review Online, 2013.

“Hunger,” poem by David Baker, from Hunger to Hunger: Hungry/Foame, 2013.

 “Oh father” and “The genesis of metaphor and the sense of memory,” poems by Radu Vancu, Asymptote, 2012.

 “And tomorrow the sun will rise,” poem by Nicolae Coande, Guernica, 2011.

“Evening of the Whale,” poem by Radu Andriescu, Catch-up, 2011

 “from ‘the animal-tree,” “The lance-bearer,” “Ascetic in the shooting gallery,” “After all,” “Describing the Tower,” “Athanor,” and “The Fourteenth,” poems by Gellu Naum, translated with Chris Tanasescu, Brooklyn Rail’s inTranslation, 2011.

 “from abroad” and “no guarantees,” poems by O. Nimigean, translated with Chris Tanasescu, qarrtsiluni, 2011.

“eating myself” and “Saturday,” by Elena Vladareanu, in 3 Romanian Poets, Red Ceilings, 2011.